We have a small fleet of trailers avaible to rent. Trailer rental is easier when you do not have the space to store your own. We can accommodate all types of motorcycles, from smaller off road motorcycles, adventure motorcycles and superbikes up to your big cruisers like the Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic or the Honda Goldwing. All of the trailers can be stored in an upright position wherever you are travelling to in order to save space. So you don’t need a whole parking space to store the trailer for the time you’re not using it.

Click here to contact us or follow the links to each page for information on each trailer we have for available in our fleet. On each page there are photos, technical specifications and videos of loading and off loading motorcycles. How to store it etc.


Low-Bed Single Bike Trailer

  • Can take a load of up to 370kg
  • Suitable for Mx/Offroad, Superbike or Adventure motorcycles

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Low-Bed Double Bike Trailer

  • Can take a load of up to 570kg
  • Suitable for Mx/Offroad, Superbikes or Adventure motorcycles
Low Bed Double Bike Trailer

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Easy Loader Single Bike Trailer

  • Can take a load of up to 600kg
  • Suitable for any type of motorcycle including large cruisers

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Our Rates

Weekend Rate R440

(Includes Friday pick up afternoon and Monday morning drop off)

One day rental @ R250

2 - 10 days @ R200/day

11 - 20 days @R180/day

More than 20 days contact us for reduced rates