African Wagon Range

What does the African Wagon Range offer you?

(Gross vehicle mass) GVM range: 750kg to 3.5ton.

This range was developed for the individual or company who needs a strong and durable trailer to work under demanding conditions. All models in this range comes standard with a 2.0mm thick lipped channel or a 2.0mm plate floor, LED lights for greater visibility as well as a minimum of a 48mm jockey wheel, a 21 day permit, Microdots and Natis documents. Furthermore, all trailers comes standard with a 300mm high solid side and double axle and chassis trailers in this range come standard with a 76mm x 38mm x 5mm thick open channel chassis. All the trailers are also available in four standard colours: white, brown, black and green.

All 3.5ton models as well as all the cattle trailers are fitted with 50mm x 8mm x 915mm long, heavy duty leaf springs and 2 x 2.5ton braked axles. The cattle trailers come standard with a side gate, side ramp that can also be used at the back, combination gate at the back, a 60mm jockey wheel, removable grid on the floor, three beams in the length at the top as well as a divider gate in the middle and a 50mm thick wooden second deck on the sheep / cattle range.

If you want ultimate durability, this will be it.


✓ Colour can be changed at minimal cost.
✓ Axles can be upgraded to accommodate special needs.
✓ Leaf spring axles are used unless stipulated otherwise.
✓ Trailers can be changed to accommodate special needs.
✓ All prices in this range exclude accessories unless stipulated otherwise.
✓ Prices can change without prior notice.
✓ All prices include a Spare wheel.
✓ All prices exclude delivery – available nationwide.

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