Our Easy loader trailer range drops the loading bed of the trailer to the ground for easy and safe loading by one person.  This trailer is designed to carry one motorcycle (in the middle) or two motorcycles (excludes two large cruisers at one time), it can also carry three mx/dirt bikes all facing forwards as the front wheel chocks are fully adjustable forwards and backwards so handle bars do not clash.

Special features our trailer has and others don't

  • The trailer has 20 tie down points that are strategically placed so there is no hassle to tie any motorcycle down.
  • Coupler is adjustable in height, depending on the tow vehicle height.
  • The axle and leafsprings are adjustable in height for those gravel roads.


  • Trailer Length = 3,8m
  • Trailer Width = 2,1m
  • Trailer Tare weight = 230kg
  • Trailer legal carrying capacity = 520kg
  • Trailer GVM = 750kg
  • Load bed loading angle = 2 degrees
  • Load one or two motorcycles up to 2,5m each
  • 13″ tyres with a carrying capacity of 974kg rated at 180km/h
  • Bike loading space = 2,5m x 1,64m


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • One man load operation
  • Adjustable front wheel chocks, this will keep motorcycles upright (no side stand required)
  • The wheel chocks can be moved forwards and backwards for better weight distribution and so handlebars will not touch
  • Low center of gravity for increased stability and high speed towing
  • Trailer is powder-coated (galvanized on order)
  • 20 Strategically placed tiedown points
  • Price starts at R25 999
Exec Easy Loader Double Bike Trailer

Load 2 motorcycles in under
1:30 minutes!

Off load 2 motorcycles
under 40 seconds!

Trailer wheel chocks are fully adjustable forwards and backwards

Trailer Wheel Chock
Trailer Wheel Chock